Monday, February 20, 2017

Tui Hai Tele


You must have guessed it well- I mean another new song means another blog posting. Well, this time I have 3 new songs for many of you. MANY OF YOU means many of the local people might have heard these songs before my sharing. However, you can think that this TUI HAI ELE is being released globally...haha.

Futting Gulo

Well, it's not new... almost all albums in this blog are being dominated by one and only FUTTING GULO. I don't know how many of you like his songs but I do believe many of us do so. This time, I would say- there is much maturity in his singing. The title track TUI HAI TELE sang with Tattey is simply mind blowing. Tattey is actually a born dancer. You must have seen a couple videos on YouTube and if you visit our video blog BIZUMELA  you'd see much of dancing.
The dancer Singer has actually a solo song too in his credit. Apart from him, there is a new entry in the singers zone of Tripura. His name is Natun Joy or simply NJ. Well I won't linger no more. Here are the links for the songs- 
2. Baby

I hope you'd like the songs especially TUI HAI TELE so much as I liked.

Thursday, February 2, 2017



Who is not familiar with the word 'Maa'? With the pronunciation of this very word we can visualize our moms. She is the one who takes every care from the time we are born and she is the one who gets worried most when we fall into trouble. 
Well, let's go to the centre of the business. We have a song from Tarun dangu  written and sponsored by himself. The tile of the song is Maa. This is generally a good deed from the benefactor cop who like every human loves his mother and honestly feels blessed having dedicated this song to her. Generally Chakmas are seen busy making LOVE songs only, I hope the song sung by Supen will  change the attitude of changing the subject matter of the lyrics and songs too.
I believe you would love the song so much as I did. This is the link for the song MAA

Friday, November 11, 2016

Songs and the thing

Songs and the thing

Supen Chakma of Aami Eik Jhak has sung a brand new song and he is much eager to share with you. It has been a lot while though the song has come in my hand but owing to some unavoidable circumstance I could not share with you earlier. The name of the song is Mo Jhuni. If you ask honestly how is the song, I must admit this is an average song worth listening again and again and I know not why they are a big fan of Jhuni... haha
Here is the link for the song- Mo JHUNI 

Remo, my nephew, always likes to TUNE Up himself. This time, the dancer turned singer brought out his song a long while ago. I hope you had also listened to it. He is a cool rapper and this time an English song with a little Chakma though towards the end of the song. Hope you would like this singer so much as I do.
Here's the link for TUNE UP

Yet another list of songs consists of two guys hailing from Gandha Charra. One is Buddha Joy and the other is Debangkar. Buddha Joy has already sung earlier but Debankar has sung for for the first time. I bet you'd already listened to them earlier but the songs are shared from this blog for the first time.
Here are the songs -
1.O Poran by Debangkar
2.  Tor Mor hojpana

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tripura Chakma Students' releases a song

Tripura Chakma Students' Association has released its theme song or the so-called IDENTITY song on the 6th instant at the 4th General Council in their 7th Annual Conference Cum Freshers’ Meet - 2016 at Silachari.

 The song is sung by the members of the Association in the opening of the Conference and liked by all those who were present there. The following are the facts related to the song-

TCSA geet. Lyric : Dangu Aniruddha Changma 
Tune : Dangu Ashok Changma 
Singers : #Males: Dangu Sambhulal Changma, Dangu Ruvel Changma, Dangu Supen Changma Females : Dangubi Dual Changma, Dangubi Ankita Changma

The following is the download link for the song TCSA song


Monday, April 18, 2016


It gives me an immense pleasure to present you with the songs of ElaFela – 2 album. Believe me it was a little hard job to come in agreement with the producer in regards to publishing it on this blog. Finally, he is lenient enough to share with you guys.
Anyways, Elafela-2 is made within Tripura and it is a sequence to last year’s Bizu album which has many good songs to be remembered and sung. I have personally heard it time and again and if I am to be honest, I won’t hesitate to comment that the album is not up to the mark because of its mixing quality and the advertisement of the owner’s studio in each and every song was really loathe-able (which I had to remove for your listening pleasure). However, it has a few good numbers which, I hope, you would definitely like. 

Frankly speaking, Elafela is not made of elafela singers this time. Mr. Sambhulal Chakma, the famous Chakma singer from Tripura has also sung a patriotic song in it. Besides him, Arun Kanti Chakma and his daughter Niyomi who have earned enough fame in their previous album have joined this time too. The last, but not the least, singer who has a big name in the album is Mr. Karpan Chakma. He has a number of good songs in his credit especially the songs from Niley Poran Hari album.  I hope you would like the songs this time also and keep us supporting so that we can bring more music for you in the days to come.
Here are the links for the songs with 128kbps-
2. Lagibo
3. Nisha

Alternately you can download a Zip file with 320kbps from here


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello friends!

Are you ready to grab some cool songs from Tripura? If you are--- I have got two albums for you! Don't believe? You gotta trust me!
And the two albums I am talking about are JHUNI from Ami Eik Jhak and ELAFELA-2 from our own Tripura state. 

As you know... Aami Eik Jhak is one of the active Chakma young talented students groups in Tripura and they have already have got credit of recording maximum number of albums in Tripura so far. The way they are marching forward they are sure to make big landmark in the days to come though they have fewer financial resources. They record their songs by contributing pocket money and the stipends they get from the government as a student. The way their songs are getting popular to the younger generation is noteworthy from the fact that their songs are stolen before they are officially released. This time too, some of the songs that you might get from this site are stealthily released by some of their trusted friends. 

Anyways, the songs are really fantastic and I bet you would like them. I hope you might come forward one day to join hand in hand with this student group and start funding them so that we can heard more of them and keep their spirit alive.

 I hope you will like the songs like Jinghani (main), Honna Tui and Jhuni. Please like us in our facebook page and keep in touch with us.

 Here are the links for download- 
4. Honna Tui 
5. Jhuni

Bonus Tracks 
4. Mogodabi   

Elafela -2 (To be uploaded soon)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ehlafela - the New Chakma Bizu 2015 album from Tripura.

Hello friends!

I am elated to have come up with this piece of audio album that had been released in Gandha Cherra Bizumela 2015. It is the new Chakma Bizu 2015 album from Tripura. The name of the album is EhlaFela and it is produced by REGA. It has 12 tracks in all among which one is an introductory audio of the album recorded by Mr. Pradhir Talukdar himself. The album has only one veteran singer Mr. Karpan Chakma and under whose advice I have gather courage to upload the songs at an early stage so that friends from around the globe get the chance to listen to the experimental album consisting of many new singers. Lets have a glimpse of the new album cover-

 I don't know how to grade this album because I am not expert in grading such a genre of music. I only personally feel that some of the songs miss some ingredients that really spice up the music. Even the songs of Mr. Karpan Chakma could have been spiced up a little more. Moreover, the project was undertaken and completed in a little hurry so far as I've heard.

Anyways, Let's have the links of the songs.

1. Intro Audio
2. Champak Nagarar Sakya Jadi
3. O Chitti Aina
4. Ehmba Soune Music Bajette
5. To Ajibo
6. Hi Jadu Tui Gurile
7. Jidhu Jebe Tui
8 . Ekkena Rini Chaa
9 . O Manabi 
10. Jei Jei Beibhon
11. Hi Gam Lage
12. Ujei Jei